The Radiology department at Memon Medical Institute Hospital Karachi is a
complete department providing clear and accurate imaging services to the
patients. Our radiologists are fully trained in working with advanced quality
equipment, to provide diagnostic imaging and image-guiding treatments to
inpatients and outpatients. The radiologist technicians at MMI Hospital are
experts in deploying the latest technology and expertise in this discipline. Our
radiology services include many types of imaging that are successful in
interpreting clinical diagnosis, treatment, and research. They are as follows:
• Magnetic Resonance Imaging – MRI
 • Vascular Interventional Radiology
 • Fluoroscopy
 • X-Rays
 • Procedures in OT using C – Arm
 • Ultrasounds
 • CT Scan
 • Mammography
 • Cardiac Catheterization Lab (Angiography & Angioplasty)
 • Echocardiography – ETT
 • Neurophysiology
 • Physiotherapy
 • Interventional Radiology