Story of MMI Hospital

Each nation needs its dreamers and visionaries. Without them, it would be difficult to tread on uncharted territory, and to break new ground. We in Pakistan are here because of the vision of our very own philosophical dreamer, Allama Iqbal, who gave the concept of this country. We also know that for every dreamer, the nation also needs its doers, to make those dreams come true. Quaid e Azam did that for Allama Iqbal. This is something we can see all around us. All great achievements are the result of the vision being translated into reality.

In keeping with the philanthropic traditions of the Memon community, the visionaries saw a chance to extend the umbrella of medical facilities to the marginalized when a partially built structure was offered on auction. This facility is like a dream come true for the visionaries of the Memon Health and Education Foundation and the Memon Community at large, who had taken on this gigantic task.

The structure had been planned to house a trauma center run by the Sindh government. However, the project ran into snags, and the five philanthropic visionaries saw it as an excellent opportunity to turn the unfinished building into a state of the art tertiary healthcare facility. What we see today is the largest project undertaken by the Memon Health and Education Foundation, and is a testament to the vision, commitment and selflessness of the donors who opened their hearts and purse strings to make this dream come true.

The dream to make quality healthcare accessible and affordable to all with dignity, respect and empathy regardless of their cast color, creed, religion or ability to pay.

A leading light in healthcare

The hospital has a covered area of 320, 000 sq. ft. It is centrally air conditioned and designed to meet International Standards. It has 100% self power generation.


To be a role model for caring, curing, education, training, research and employment


To provide accessible and affordable quality health care and education to all with empathy, dignity and respect, IRRESPECTIVE OF THEIR CASTE, CREED, COLOR, RELIGION OR ABILITY TO PAY.


To lead Pakistan towards international quality of healthcare standards while at the same time, providing quality education to medical and nursing personnel.

This entire project is 100% donor funded, and the planned expansion of its units will come about as and when the funds are generated. This hospital spread over an area of 11.5 acres with a covered area of 320,000 sq. ft.

Located in Scheme 33, it is adjacent to the Kiran Hospital and  Dow University of Heath Sciences – Ojha campus and the presence of these three facilities have turned the area into a hub of healthcare facilities.

The installation of equipment and construction has followed the standards, and will be manned by the best quality professional human resource. From structure to equipment to Human recourse to run it great care has been taken. The hospital will be run as per the International guidelines and good practice principles.

The hospital is run by a Board of Governors and Office Bearers Committee under a clearly defined charter. The Hospital also aims to serve as the mother facility to the numerous other community hospitals run on a not-for-profit basis, and as a center for education and training.

The idea of MMI Hospital was conceived in 2004, when the trustees won the bid for the unfinished trauma center building. Leading architects were engaged, and International Hospitals Group of the UK was engaged in the planning and designing of the facility.

The construction was planned in 3 phases, and the first phase is now completed. The aim was to complete the construction of the building and then go in for its refurbishment and equipment installation as and when the funds are received.

Various Committees of experts supervised the different stages of work. The Project Management Committee comprising of engineers, Medical Advisory Committee comprising of senior and experienced doctors, and an Information technology Committee comprising leaders in the IT field.

Members of these committees, who have given unstintingly of their time to bring in valuable inputs for the improvement of the project. All the time and sharing of experience has been done gratis.

We are also grateful for the assistance provided by the German Government, through which our experts in the fields of HVAC, nursing, pharmacy and planning and management have been able to complete their assignments.

This, coupled with the dedication of the staff and workers, who had started work under some trying conditions, has made the hospital what it is today…. a beacon of hope for all those needing quality health care which was not within their reach.

Right from the engineers to the laborers, and the top management members to the support staff, everyone has worked tirelessly to make MMI Hospital a dream come true. However, this is just the first phase. A lot more needs to be done. And this is where we need your assistance.

This modern facility would not have been possible without the generosity of those who willingly shared their bounty with others. The group of 5 gentlemen who envisioned this remarkable facility has grown to more than hundred  trustees and thousands of well wishers and donors. We invite you to join them in this noble endeavor. Help us make MMI Hospital a model medical institution conforming to international best practices and standards. Something that will make the community, as well as the country proud. A gift to the Nation at large.