Welfare Department

Memon Medical Institute Hospital is a project of Memon Health & Education Foundation. We have devised a mechanism in which the Welfare Department directly operates under the management of Memon Health & Education Foundation.

The Welfare Department is responsible for providing the financial assistance to the deserving patients. The patients who are unable to afford the cost of the treatment and are in desperate need of support are treated through the welfare fund. The department processes all the requests as per the Shariah compliance and gets regularly audited and adheres to a meticulous process of identifying the most deserving patients who are eligible for Zakat according to the rules of Shariah. We use the Zakat efficiently through the smooth process of the welfare department and based on 100% merit policy, only the needy patients receive the financial assistance through the welfare funds.

The welfare department operates through the support of the donors of the hospital through the Zakat and other donations.

All Zakat donations are used for the sole treatment of the patients, with no amount allocated to administrative or other expenses. Disbursement of Zakat funds is through a transparent process to ensures that disbursements of Zakat funds are done in a manner that allows the donors to fulfil their religious responsibilities in the righteous manner.

MMIH Welfare department provides free medical treatment to poor patients through welfare clinic. Family physician examines the patients and carries out necessary tests and investigations, if necessary and provide them medicines.  We are committed to continue our efforts of providing benefits to the people as it is the fundamental right of every human being to receive the medical treatment.

We have extended the working hours of the welfare department to increase the patient flow and it is now operating from 09:00 am to 09:00 pm. The welfare department ensures that the applicant get the financial assistance without any discrimination. As a result, we help to transform the lives of more than Fifty Thousand (50,000) patients annually.