Dialysis Service

MMI Hospital has the Best Dialysis Center In Karachi


It is a treatment for people with kidney ailments or whose kidneys fail. When our kidneys fail, they stop filtering blood normally. As a result, wastes and toxins accumulate in the bloodstream. It aids in the removal of excessive waste and fluid from the blood. 

What Kidney Do?

A kidney is an integral part of our urinary system. It is a bean-shaped organ located beneath the ribcage on each side of our spine. They help remove contaminants from the blood, restoring filtered and nutrient-rich blood to the circulatory system. Extra water in our bodies produces urine, which travels from the kidneys to the gallbladder. It also aids in the regulation of blood pressure.

 Type of Dialysis

The dialysis centre does two types of Dialysis in Karachi. 

  • Hemodialysis – Same as our kidney’s function when it is healthy, Hemodialysis treats to filter the waste from our blood. 
  • Peritoneal Dialysis – It is a kidney failure treatment that uses the lining of our abdomen to filter blood from the body.

Dialysis Department in MMI Hospital 

MMI Hospital dialysis centre provides the best facilities and is regarded as the best dialysis centre in Karachi. Our vision is to offer the best facilities with cutting-edge technology to ensure that everything runs properly.

We have the best team of professionals and highly qualified Nephrologists who ensure that the treatment is performed in the safest and cleanest setting possible. Our registered nurses, dialysis technicians, and renal dieticians are always ready to help.

The level of care provided by MMI Hospital makes it the best dialysis centre in Karachi. Our devoted broader and more comfortable facilities to the time spent on Dialysis.

Symptoms of acute Kidney Failure: 

Symptoms of acute kidney failure include:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Nausea
  • Abnormal Heartbeat
  • Decreased 
  • Reduced urine output, albeit this is not always the case.
  • Swelling in legs and feet
  • Coma in severe cases

Sometimes acute renal failure has no symptoms and is identified through blood testing performed for another reason.


Is Dialysis temporary?

Every case of kidney failure is different from the others. So, before deciding on Dialysis, undergo a complete physical examination. Furthermore, because every kidney failure is unique, there are times when Dialysis is performed for a shorter period until the kidney begins to function normally.

What is the cost of Dialysis in MMI Hospital?

The dialysis cost in Pakistan is usually more than 5 lakh per year. MMIH is the free dialysis center in Karachi and we provide free dialysis services because the average price is 7 to 8 times the annual income. Furthermore, we offer low-cost dialysis in Karachi.

How many Dialysis patients MMI hospital can accommodate?

MMI Hospital has extended its dialysis department from 8 to 28 beds to meet the needs of additional patients. This expansion provides broader and more pleasant facilities for patients and enhances the capacity to accommodate 28 dialysis procedures.

What are the Dialysis timings? 

MMI hospital, the finest dialysis centre in Karachi, provides 24/7 Dialysis service to ensure the proper functioning of your kidney.