Physical & Rehabilitative Medicine Services

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Medicine Services at Memon Medical Institute Hospital provide quality multidisciplinary Outpatient and inpatient physiotherapy and rehabilitation by a skilled rehabilitation team using the latest equipment’s a wide range of therapeutic exercises and a multitude of modalities to help patients return to an active and healthy lifestyle.

Role of Physiotherapy in Pain Management

Our Physiotherapists always strive to identify any underlying causes of your problem and by targeting these with a combination of up to date treatment techniques, lifestyle management and our fully integrated physiotherapy and rehabilitation protocols.

Scope of Physical & Rehabilitative Medicine Services

S.No Name of Services
1 Cardiac Rehabilitation Services  
2 Neurological Rehabilitation Services  
3 Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Services  
4 Paediatric Rehabilitation Services  
5 Chest Physiotherapy Services  
6 Pain Management Services  
7 Women’s Health Program (OBGYN)  
8 Orthotics and Prosthetic Services  
9 Home Physiotherapy Services