How to Increase the power of your eyes sight?

How to Increase the power of your eyes sight?

This is very important to those whom their eyes are weak and also to everyone.

Eyes muscles suffer as days pass by, which will lead to them not be capable of having eye contact the accurate way. In order to restore power in our eyes sight and keep them always powerful, we need to follow the following sunnah in our swalah.

We should always keep our eyes open during the sujuud and stand up while looking at the sujuud spot and keep your eyes focused on the spot of sujuud through out your swalah. The wisdom behind looking at the sujuud spot is that while in rukuu, the eyes muscles will pressure the lens to increase vision and while you get up the eyes muscles will loosen. While in sujuud the lens will shrink because of the distance between the eyes and the ground. When you get up again it will loosen the eyes muscles.

This practice we are doing each day is exercising our eyes muscles. We can perform each day 17 times or as much as we want. Our prophet (SAW) was always instructing to open our eyes during sujuud and now scientists have proven that this practice works in increasing the power of eyes sight. Subhana Allah for this great wisdom of opening our eyes during sujuud.

This deserves to be read and shared with others. Share and don’t stop yourself from getting reward from Allah.

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